Treatment Overview

Our trained technicians not only offer a professional service with 100% queensland approved methods and products, but we also offer a wealth of knowledge and can offer friendly, honest advice. Close to 60% or more of pest problems can be as a result of your habits and our team will help educate you on how to to better eliminate pests in or around homes, businesses , sheds, boats, cars , caravans - you name it we can handle it!

Standard Treatment

Our standard treatments usually starts on the perimeter of you home, treating weep holes, bushes, walls, brickwork, outer eaves, rain gutters and any other high risk areas. For this we use our Australian approved dusts and sprays.

We will then move inside your home, to remove any existing pests and create a double barrier. Our technician will then gain entry into your roof, where our state of the art equipment can deliver the treatments to every nook and cranny.

We treat:

Bed/Closet Monsters

Monster Removal- In addition to our standard treatments, Pest Free Homes has developed a state or the art removal technique to remove monsters from any of your children’s bedrooms. Find out more here.

Other pests

Pest Free homes can handle other pests and vermin and is only happy to answer your questions in regards to a treatment plan for your needs

Clients Say!

Thanks James, you arrived on time, like you sai...

Kieryn Moore

Want a free Pest Treatment

Oct 27 2014
Want a free pest control treatment? Want to get your yearly treatment, and not pay a cent for it? For the month of November, if you refe...
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