Monster Removal Service



Pest Free Homes has developed a state of the art removal spray for monsters that live under beds, or in closets. Our special powders and sprays have been proven very effective against all types of monsters, no matter how long they might have been living in an area.





Some of the monsters that we remove include:

  • "Augustus "Spike" Jones - An orange slug-like monster with tons of retractable spikes on his back. 
  • Bob Peterson - A light blue dinosaur-like monster with removable teeth. 
  • George Sanderson -  a one-horned furry monster.
  • Harley P. Gerson - An orange monster with only a large mouth and two legs.
  • Harry "Bud" Lucky - A thin turquoise Octopus monster with long shaggy purple hair covering his face.
  • Joe "J.J." Ranft - A large red monster with huge fists and three eyes. He is named after Joe Ranft.
  • Nicholas "Lanky" Schmidt - A monster with a small head and long arms and legs who is good friends with Peter "Claws" Ward.
  • Peter "Claws" Ward - A blue crocodile-like monster with retractable sharp claws and horrifying breath.
  • Ricky Plesuski - A green monster with a huge mouth filled with sharp teeth, snail-like eyes, and eight legs. 
  • Rivera - A tall, slender orange monster with six tentacles for arms and four shorter tentacles for arms. He is from the same race as the grocer Tony.
  • Theodore "Ted" Pauley - A red-Magenta monster with a Gorilla-like stature and 16 removable eyes.

The monster removal service is included in the recommended yearly Standard Treatment.

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