Cockroaches can quickly increase their populations and live in all rooms of the home, most especially the bathrooms and kitchen. They’re a real nuisance because they damage books and wallpaper as well as fouling food. They eat the glue found on furniture, and they give off a nasty-smelling odor.

Worst of all, some people are actually allergic to them, and can be responsible for many cases of childhood asthma. They also carry diseases – meaning any food that has been contaminated by these roaches can result in diarrhea, dysentery and/or food poisoning. These are some common types of cockroaches:

Australian cockroach

The Australian cockroach, which ranges in size from 31 to 34 mm  is very similar to the American Cockroach, although they can be separated by their smaller size, the yellow color on the thorax, and on the sides at the base of the wings.

American cockroach

They tend to have an incredibly unpleasant odor and can damage wallpaper, clothing and books and taint food.  Some people can even have an allergic reaction to them when they eat foods that have been tainted by them, they get very sick which can even result in diarrhea, dysentery or food poisoning and induce asthma in children.

You will typically find them in places where food is prepared such as bars, breweries, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants and kitchens.  You can also find them in basements, damp sewers, heating ducts and under your floors.

Asian cockroach

Oriental cockroaches mostly feed on trash and rotting compostable material. For this reason, they are commonly known as the most disgusting house cockroach. They often reside in moist and wet attics, storage rooms and crawl spaces. They can be found around drainpipes, leaky plumbing, under fridges, sinks, clothes dryers, flooring and within walls.

They usually eat on the lowest floors of houses. When they are outside, they can be located under rocks and leaves or inside garbage.

Brown Banded Cockroach

The most common breed of cockroaches, it eat items made up of starch such as book sizing, wallpaper paste etc. They also feed on non-eatables such as nylon stockings. They live in high areas of the houses where temperature is comparatively high. These insects generally hide behind wall decorations, pictures or loose wallpaper. They affect wallpapers, books and the furniture by eating its glue.

They spread their germs in food and other materials on which they feed. The high contaminations caused by them mostly affect the allergic people who get sick with food poisoning after eating those bacterial foods. Other viral disease caused by brown-banded cockroaches includes asthma.

German Cockroach

When it comes to German cockroaches, they rank in the top five insect pest inquiries for homes, largely because they’ll eat anything.

These roaches can move into a new location by hitching a ride on soft drink cartons, egg cartons, beer cases, potatoes, onions, used furniture and more. During the summer time, they are actively moving from one location to another.

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